Undergraduate Korean Association was established in the 2019 Fall Semester.


Our vision is to create a united Korean community within UT campus by embracing and providing a home for all Koreans and Korean Americans.


We provide broad networking opportunities between students as well as with professionals. On top of these, we provide self-development opportunities through various interest groups called Dongari and FAM-FAM group that allows socialization among members in a smaller setting.


As we, undergrads, have many forthcoming options to take, it cannot be more highlighted that “what we do” during college career could enhance so much of our future endeavors. 

Hence we, UKA, are here to help students by providing meaningful and practical activities. Has this been too much for you? Don’t worry! We do also have many enjoyable social events.


If you would love to have a fun and worthwhile college experience, please do not hesitate to participate!